Brendan McGinty


Brendan McGinty is an award winning cinematographer whose multi-disciplinary work spans documentary, commercial and drama photography. Starting life as a stills photographer he studied art,  cinema and philosophy, falling  in love with the moving image as he did so.

Brendan brings a graphic eye and a love for light and lenses to each of the disciplines he inhabits.  He is equally at home in the tech heavy studio environment as he is with capturing the rugged beauty of the natural world. He is dexterous with Dolly's, Technocranes, Gimbals, Borescopes, shooting at 20000fps, Time-slice rigs, 3D or VR... but it is with his documentary work that he has explored some of the extremes of photographic possibility.  And it is the unique meeting and melting of these two photographic approaches that singles out his work.

Brendan McGinty is known for The Secret Life of Twins, Elizabeth I,  Henry VIII and his six wives, One Strange Rock.

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